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Other Products

A variety of accessories are available to enhance the value and functionality of various P&P instruments including printers, providing instant hard-copy of milk composition results, sample handling devices (automated rockers) for optimizing accuracy of raw milk and milk recipe samples and convenient carrying totes for protecting instruments during transport (i.e. for field reps., veterinarians, etc.).


LactiPrep™ Automated Sample Rocker – Facilitates greater overall homogeneity  of samples to be tested by the LactiCheck Milk Analyzer.  Especially effective  when testing raw milk samples and/or recipes for yogurt or cheese.  Holds up to  48 sample vials for the LactiCheck.

LactiPrint™ LP-03

Portable Thermal Printer for the QuickCheck™ Cryoscopes (with 1 roll paper)


Sturdy Foam-lined Canvas Carrier

QuickCheck™  Sturdy Stainless Steel Sample Tube Rack

QuickCheck™  Sturdy Stainless Steel Sample Tube Rack (holds 1 to 48 sample tubes)

AC/DC converter for QC-FLEX™

AC/DC converter: 95 – 260 VAC to 12V 10 Amp DC converter.

DC Cable for QC-Flex™

DC Cable for QC-Flex™ Cryoscope.

Sturdy Stainless-Steel Sample Vial Rack

Sturdy Stainless-Steel Sample Vial Rack for Milk Analyzer sample vials (holds 1 - 60 samples)

Thermometer for Milk Testing

Accesses Sample Temperature to ensure compliance with recommended standard operating procedures.