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Milk Analyzers

The LactiCheck Milk Analyzers provide a rapid, real-time and reliable profile of milk composition (fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein) in just seconds. Robust and affordable, the LactiCheck integrates easily at any point in the dairy supply chain, from cow to customer. Easily accessible, the digitized records provide the essential tools you need as appropriate to your requirements (raw milk, heat treated milk, homogenized milk, high-fat products, cheese and yogurt recipes).


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LactiCheck™-01 RapiRead

(Cow or Goat/Sheep or Cow or Goat/Buffalo)
Portable, real-time, precise, reliable measurement of raw co-mingled milk facilitates optimal herd management.  User-friendly and robust, the LactiCheck provides farmers instant feedback (40 second test time) critical to practical herd management including feeding, herd health and the milk check.  On-farm artisanal, boutique and specialty bottlers of fluid milk and cheesemakers will also realize succinct benefits – contact us for details!

LactiCheck™ -02 RapiRead

(Dual Cow Channel or Cow/Goat)  Most Versatile!
A practical, reliable and affordable alternative to previously available options for milk composition testing, the rapid (40 second test time), real-time, reliable results and straight-forward simplicity bring the benefits of state-of-the-art technology to you today!  Robust and impressively precise, the LactiCheck LC-02/RR can be integrated at any point throughout the Processing Plant, from Milk Reception to Production to final QC/QA.

LactiCheck Mini

(Raw milk only – not processed milk)
The compact, portable LC-MINI provides a compete composition profile, including seven parameters, in just 60 seconds. Robust and reliable, the LC-MINI offers three separate channels for testing cow, sheep and goat milk.  The peristaltic pump and unique flow-thru design facilitate accurate results and greater automation in cleaning!

sweet whey analysis, acid whey analysis, yogurt whey analysis, cheese whey

LactiWhey - a LactiCheck Whey Analyzer

Optimizing Outcomes Today ...and Tomorrow!

Testing of whey composition at various key points in the cheese-making process facilitates effective and efficient process control. A critical control point, monitoring of whey composition maximizes efficiency in cutting, minimizes fat and protein losses, ensures greater consistency in quality and assists in optimizing yields. Offering three separate channels which can be custom-calibrated to various types of cheese or whey cream, a complete composition profile of sweet and acid whey is provided in < one minute!