Dedicated Analytical Dairy Tools

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Farm Level

Real time milk composition results are a beneficial tool for herd managers, nutritionists, veterinarians, field representatives and agrarian researchers.  Testing milk composition of the bulk tank, milking groups or individual animals provides insight critical to optimal management of feed programs, herd health and genetic profiles (for breeding purposes, focusing on higher protein & fat contents vs. just accessing the milk yield per cow).

Herd Management

On-farm testing gives real-time information to herd managers - whichever it is for Cows, Goats or Sheep - enabling them to make appropriate adjustments to feeding programs.  Testing milk from individual animals gives insight into health (especially for at-risk animals like freshening heifers, does or ewes) and a greater depth of records for genetic profiles/breeding programs.

Calf/Heifer Rearing

Maintaining a proper balance in fluid nourishment being offered to young calves is critical in optimizing proper growth and appropriate development.  Get critical information to ensure proper nourishment and reduce health issues arising from too much (or too little).

Feed Management

Optimize outcomes from feed management programs by monitoring milk composition of milking groups (or the bulk tank) on a real-time basis.  Reduce waste from refusal and improve milk check bonuses by seeing and recording results of feed management programs and making adjustments in a timely manner.

Milk Check

The bottom line for dairy farmers is delivering significant pounds (or kilos) of components within the context of good farm management.  As expressed by the Penn State Cooperative Extension Program, 'The milk business today is highly competitive. Milk producers need information on their milk components, milk quality, and market prices in order to remain competitive'.

On-farm Processing

On-farm processing requires a paradigm shift in information management.  Regulations related to labeling and due diligence in detailed record keeping are crucial to observe.