Dedicated Analytical Dairy Tools

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Dairy Processors

Today’s Dairy Processors experience a myriad of unparalleled pressures and complexities.  Consumer demands and competition have grown exponentially.  Production costs continue rising and regulatory pressures are increasing.  Achievable means of selecting consistently reliable suppliers, reducing waste, establishing and maintaining excellent quality including product safety and constantly developing new products in parallel with optimizing profitability are critical to success.  Technology tools provide the feedback that facilitates all this – and more!

Milk Plants

New demands and changing circumstances in the safe, responsible, cost-effective production and processing of milk do continuously invoke the development of new analytical approaches. Robust, versatile and affordable rapid methods facilitating measurement and automating data collection are popping up at hot spots throughout the dairy supply chain!  

Production (at-line)

Realize greater productivity by minimizing "down-time" following product changeovers or cleaning maintenance (CIP) by placing a LactiCheck at-line.  Eliminate delays in resuming Production.  In just seconds, you can confirm that all systems are, "Go!".

Quality Control/Quality Assurance

As the final checks available to a dairy plant is testing product just after it comes off the line and/or just before it goes out the door, they are frequently considered Critical Control Points.  QC and or QA evaluations are facilitated by the LactiCheck because it provides objective testing that can be set up in satellite labs in convenient locations (i.e. just off the Production Floor or just outside the Shipping Coolers).

Research & Development

R&D efforts are frequently held up as they are forced to share resources in the Central Laboratory.  The Central Lab is often fully occupied with support of Production during active production processing hours, making access for R&D limited at best.  The LactiCheck is a tool that R&D can use to develop recipes and standardize formulation, keeping development on time and on schedule so new products can be released in a timelier manner for improved reception at the marketplace.


To make quality cheese with consistent yields (and good profitability), there are certain intrinsic tools that the industry has come to rely upon. Composition, moisture and other intrinsic physical characteristics provide critical feedback required for proper process management.

Yogurt makers

Greek-style, Set-style (Balkan), and Swiss-style (with fruit) yogurts require comprehensive milk characterization to facilitate appropriate standardization decisions.  Analytical methods are relied upon to properly access in-coming milk and make the necessary recipe and process adjustments to ensure a consistent, healthy, consumer-friendly product.