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Artisanal, Boutique and/or Specialty Cheese & Yogurt Makers

Establishing a recipes and standard procedures is intrinsic to maintaining a consistent quality, to building and preserving a brand name and earning greater market share (higher profitability).  A key tool in taking control and keeping control of your process is record keeping.  By automating record keeping and digitizing records, you ensure easier access to key information and greater transparency throughout your system. 

Managing Supply

Benefits from testing incoming milk being supplied by other sources to ascertain milk composition results include giving you the flexibility to establish payment contracts that ensure you secure reliable, consistent quality milk from preferred suppliers.  Composition information allows you to more optimally manage your own herd or provide feedback and recommendations to your suppliers to encourage more effective herd management (feed, herd genetics development, milking parlor practices).

Automated Record Keeping

Regulatory requirements are typically a hardship for smaller enterprises as there are fewer people to help handle all the documentation.  By automating milk composition collection results (with the LactiCheck and LactiLog and/or implementing a total production management system (with the CheeseCrafter TPM/Total Quality Control Software System), you ensure that required records are available at a keystroke.  Stop pulling your hair out wondering where that slip of paper went!

New Product Development

If you try something new in approaching the crafting of a cheese and it turns out fabulously, you want to be sure to codify the details so that you can produce it again.  The LactiCheck gives you the milk composition parameters.  The P2MA Moisture Analyzer provides an analysis of moisture content to ensure that the product is within proper parameters for optimal quality and shelf life (and/or affinage/aging when it comes to cheese).  By testing and keeping digital records, you can reproduce your strokerts of genius, time and time again!

Process Control

Taking control and keeping control of your process is key to success.  Keeping milk composition records allow you to make subtle changes in your process as appropriate and/or to make changes in formulation if you are standardizing any of your recipes.  Milk composition results also alert you as to changes evolving in seasonality or state of lactation that may mean it is more prudent to move to a different recipe that you have developed which is more in keeping with the physical parameters of the milk in your hands.