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Testing for added water in milk, these freezing-point instruments ensure that extraneous water is not present in your milk.  The QuickCheck family of cryoscopes complies with the recommended methods as reviewed by the AOAC/IDF/ISO for payment purposes.  Choose from 3 different models appropriate to your specific budget and requirements.

QuickCheck™ TECH Cryoscope

Reliable, affordable and versatile analytical tool for detecting extraneous water in milk at any point throughout the dairy supply chain.  Easy to use, accurate, cost-effective and analysis of milk, in compliance with internationally reviewed and recommended methods (AOAC, IDF 108:2009 & ISO 5764:2009) for payment purposes.  Robust electronics, featuring a streamlined calibration and rugged cooling capabilities.  The QC-TECH provides results that meet or exceed accuracy requirements for QC/QA critical control points including payment purposes in milk collection/reception.

QuickCheck™ Flex Cryoscope

The only 12 Volt -DC powered (battery)instrument, the portable QC-FLEX is a tool for rural or remote locations off the ‘grid’ or in areas where AC power is not always reliable.  Applications include milking parlors, bulk tanks, collection centers, milk trucks, use by herd management teams & field reps.  Bringing you real-time information about added water, when you need it – where you need it:  Check the bulk tank to monitor for added water caused by improperly drained lines, condensation, etc.  Screen milk samples for extraneous water upon pick up at the farm, prior to loading, to conf

Added Water, Freezing-Point, Cryoscope

QuickCheck™ -IV/GR Cryoscope

Laboratory instrument for accurate precise testing of added water in milk
Testing milk for extraneous water in accordance with internationally reviewed and recommended methods (AOAC, IDF 108:2009 & ISO 5764:2009), the QC-IV/GR ensures that incoming milk is not adulterated with added water for payment purposes.  Also, the QC-IV/GR provides a critical control check for processed milk and confirms proper balance in cheese, yogurt and ice-cream recipes.