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Tips & Trends Vol. 7


A by-product of cheese and yogurt making, whey has long been re-purposed (fertilizer, animal feed, ingredient in foodstuffs). Now an increasing number of innovative enterprises are exploring the use of whey to make beer, gin, spirits, and vodka! Cornell University (USA) is codifying a process for turning the stuff into beer, a cheese maker in Tasmania (AUS) has concocted a prize-winning Vodka from it and a start-up company in Denmark is perfecting a process for making Scandinavian spirits! By gosh, it’s going global!

The LactiWhey composition analyzer was originally designed to test 3 kinds of whey from various cheese and/or yogurt including sweet and acid whey. Increasingly, though, we are hearing that customers need a customized unit to test raw milk, too – or perhaps skim milk. As the manufacturer, we are able to customize the unit to your needs. The cost of customization is usually complimentary: Just let us know what you require.

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