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Tips & Trends Vol. 10

Getting kids to drink milk improves their nutritional intake leading to better bones and stronger teeth! Greater flexibility is now being introduced into the National School Lunch Program with respect to milk! To begin with, a USDA ruling will allow flavored milks to be offered once again! According to the ruling, the lunch and breakfast programs will now broaden options, " allowing local operators to permanently offer flavored, low-fat milk"
According to the Washington Examiner (March 5, 2019), " Rep. Tom Marino, R-Pa., introduced the Whole Milk Act, along with Rep. Glenn Thompson, R-Pa., to codify that change." Marino stated that studies have shown consumption of whole milk is a good way to prevent obesity and help the body absorb more vitamins.  
Let's get children back to the basics, with sound dietary building blocks and more fresh air/exercise! Dairy is definitely a sturdy foundation for healthier children!
Improve both yield and milk quality by looking at Somatic Cell Counts from individual animals. By monitoring animals, appropriate management decisions can be made (from specific treatments of individual teats up to tough calls like culling of cows consistently plagued with mastitis).
The LactiCyte-HD SCC provides rapid (50 seconds!), affordable (as low as 79 cents/test) and reliable results which allow for more effective herd management. Augment your DHI testing by looking at each animal and keeping clear records of SCC results. It is an investment that pays off significantly in optimizing yields and overall herd health.