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Hot Off The Press - November 7

Great things happen when people work together and strive for good goals!
Chobani has recently confirmed a commitment to $200K to Magic Valley (Idaho) endeavors that include a number of diverse pursuits:
- Hagerman High School has an Ag and Food Science Program that is unique! Students learn about food from the farm to the table! They learn viable skills to prepare them for jobs in the food industry, receive food safety certificates and learn how important fresh food is to all of us!
- The Community Impact Fund is going to a number of bold, passionate change makers throughout the Magic Valley. Annie's Project that focuses upon facilitating training programs for women in agriculture helps support infrastructure in the local AG community. 
- Funds and are also being funneled to improvement of educational facilities so that they can offer more 'hands on' opportunities as well as fostering new entrepreneurs/businesses involved in agriculture.
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