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Hot Off the Press - February

Is there such a thing as too much cheese? In recent times, the quantity of cheese being stored in the USA has been growing. People are eating more cheese, so the supply chain needs to build to that demand. Some of this increase in cheese inventory can also be attributed to the fact that people are moving from eating just fresh cheese, like cream cheese and processed cheeses to aged cheese. But, in any case, questions are being raised about the quantities of cheese in storage. 
So, the Dairy Pricing Association recently purchased about $235,000 in cheese and arranged for it to be distributed to various Food Pantries and other enterprises that help alleviate hunger in various communities. Lots of positive outcomes are anticipated from this excellent action! 
The demand for cheese should rise (opening new market opportunities!) as the surplus in storage disappears and quite a few folks and their families will enjoy some good, protein-rich nutrition! Bravo to the DPA!
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