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Dairy Tales - Sequatchie Cove Creamery


Padgett and Nathan Lee Arnold are a talented, charismatic, young couple raising a family and running an innovative, award-winning cheese-making operation! As they developed their cheeses and as the herd evolved, Nathan sought out some analytical tools they could rely upon. He brought in a LactiCheck Milk Composition Analyzer and then decided upon the P2MA Halogen Infrared Moisture Analyzer. Nathan commented that he was only sad he hadn't purchased the Moisture Analyzer sooner as it helps in virtually every step in the production process (he even tests curds as they are 'knitting' to check on the development)! Their creamery is 100% solar powered! They strive for sustainability throughout their operations! Be sure to try some of their Dancing Fern Cheese which is inspired by the Reblochon Cheese of France (soft and supple in texture with notes of cultured butter, shitake mushroom, and walnut).

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