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Read about the many health benefits associated with drinking camel milk! The camel milk industry is growing so be on the lookout and give some camel milk a try!


Getting things going often takes creative consideration!


Improve your business with our Tips and Trends Newsletter. With low prices for fluid milk at the farm gate, dairy farmers are realizing that smarter management is required to allow them to realize even moderate profitability. One area where more pro-active management can have an especially positive impact is in implementing improved calf-rearing techniques. Many custom calf-rearing enterprises, herd nutritionists, and dairy farmers rely upon t


Just returning from "cheese camp", an intensive & impressive event held every year by the American Cheese Society (ACS)! The artisanal, boutique, farmstead and specialty cheese market continue in a strong growth pattern, with an increase last year in excess of 6%. The ACS is a dynamic organization that inspires, educates and encourages this burgeoning community of innovative cheese-makers (and has done so for 35 years!).


Idyll Farms and Creamery continues growing due to a dedicated, energetic team of colleagues determined to raise healthy, happy Alpine dairy goats and make absolutely divine cheeses! The commitment to pasture feeding allows them to capture the Leelanau terror which contributes immensely to the flavor profiles of their award winning cheeses! The LactiCheck™ Milk Composition Analyzer has been a helpful tool in monitoring changes in the compositio


Padgett and Nathan Lee Arnold are a talented, charismatic, young couple raising a family and running an innovative, award-winning cheese-making operation! As they developed their cheeses and as the herd evolved, Nathan sought out some analytical tools they could rely upon. He brought in a LactiCheck Milk Composition Analyzer and then decided upon the P2MA Halogen Infrared Moisture Analyzer.


Welcome to our Tips & Trends newsletter series. The first installment features the rise in consumption of coffee and tea drinks formulated with milk and dairy ingredients, as well as tips on how to realize optimal fertility and herd productivity with lower Somatic Cell Counts (SCC). If you are having issues with Mastitis, monitoring your Somatic Cell Counts can make a big difference in your herd health, yield and overall product quality.