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Congratulations to each and every customer for their performance at the American Cheese Society Annual Conference Competition! Over 122 awards were won & we are proud to have you all as customers! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to check out the new LactiCyte Somatic Cell Counter, it was great to catch up with all of you.


Today marks the beginning of the annual American Cheese Society's Cheese Competitions in which some of our current customers and many other great American cheese-makers will enter! We wish them all the best of luck for each of their amazing cheeses.


We had a lovely day attending the 8th annual Vermont Cheese Festival at Shelburne Farms in Vermont! We loved celebrating cheese with some of our favorite customers, and meeting some new faces in the cheeseworld too! Congratulations to all VT cheesemakers, we love seeing you do what you do best. Thanks again to Shelburne Farms for hosting such a great event on your gorgeous property. Until next year...


2013 American Cheese Society Competition

We congratulate all award winners, especially the 31 of our LactiCheck users who won a combined amazing 100 awards including Best of Show and 2nd Best of Show – CONGRATULATIONS.


CheeseCrafter® Production and Total Quality Management System


<<According to Jacquelin Page, USA continual improvement of practical test methods and tools is critical in addressing the accelerating challenges facing the global dairy industry today. Evolving economic and market demands require innovative new tools that address critical control points throughout the dairy supply chain to be reviewed and new approaches formulated to meet the criteria of the new demographics.


<<Lacticheck earns it’s place on the counter top of any laboratory because of the value it provides to any milk processor and cheese processor. 


Lacticheck™ RapiRead Milk Analyzer provides a complete Milk Composition profile in just 40 seconds (for pennies!)

Hopkinton, MA, April 5, 2011:  Introducing the next generation in LactiCheck Milk Analyzers, the LC-RapiRead provides a complete milk composition profile (fat, solids, density, added water, lactose and protein) in 40 seconds!